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Lehi, Nephite Captain

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There are either three of four men named Lehi mentioned in the Book of Mormon. The text is ambiguous on this point, so the second Lehi, son of Zoram and this third Lehi, Nephite Captain may be the same person. The local land and city of Lehi on the Nephite east coast (Alma 50:15) was probably named after him.

Lehi—Nephite military commander [ca. 74 B.C.]
encircles Lamanites with his army (Alma 43:35)
pursues Lamanite army (Alma 43:36–53)
is appointed chief captain over city of Noah (Alma 49:16–17)
assists Moroni in defeating Lamanites (Alma 52:27–36; Alma 62:32–34)
is given command of city of Mulek (Alma 53:2)
is left in charge of men and provisions (Alma 61:15–21; Alma 62:3, 13)
laments Teancum’s death (Alma 62:37)
assists Moronihah (Hel. 1:28)
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