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Lehi, son of Helaman

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There are either three or four men named Lehi mentioned in the Book of Mormon. The text is ambiguous on this point so the second and third Lehis may be the same person. The fourth Lehi was the son of Helaman, son of Helaman. He was a great missionary who lived ca. 45 B.C.
younger son of Helaman, son of Helaman (Hel. 3:21)
preaches and prophesies many things (Hel. 4:14)
with brother, Nephi, son of Helaman, preaches all his days (Hel. 5:4)
converts 8,000 Lamanites (Hel. 5:18–19)
goes to land of Nephi, cast into prison with Nephi, son of Helaman (Hel. 5:20–21)
is miraculously freed from prison (Hel. 5:22–25)
preaches to Lamanites, face shines in darkness (Hel. 5:26–37)
is encircled with fire, has unspeakable joy (Hel. 5:44)
goes with Nephi, son of Helaman to preach in land northward (Hel. 6:6)
not a whit behind Nephi, son of Helaman in righteousness (Hel. 11:19)
preaches, putting end to much strife (Hel. 11:23)
by faith of Nephi, son of Helaman and Lehi, son of Helaman was change wrought upon Lamanites (Ether 12:14)
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