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The first Mosiah mentioned in the Book of Mormon, a king, saved those Nephites who "would hearken unto the voice of the Lord" by leading them away from their ancestral home, the land of Nephi, where they were threatened by Lamanites about 200 B.C. (Omni 1:12). After they had wandered for an unknown period, Mosiah and his group "discovered a people, who were called the people of Zarahemla" (Omni 1:13-14; see also Peoples). He taught them his language-their language having deteriorated because they lacked written records-and was chosen ruler over both groups (Omni 1:17-19). "By the gift and power of God" he interpreted "engravings" on a stone that the people of Zarahemla had discovered, telling of yet another and earlier migration (Omni 1:20-22; see also Jaredites). Mosiah ruled for about four decades and was succeeded as king by his son Benjamin.

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