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Nephi, grandson of Nephi

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There are four men named Nephi mentioned in the Book of Mormon. The fourth Nephi was the son of Nephi, son of Nephi. Nephi, grandson of Nephi kept the Nephite records during the extraordinarily blessed era that followed the appearance of Jesus Christ to the Nephites. He saw his people live in love, unity (having all things in common), righteousness, and obedience because the love of God abounded in their hearts. A type of United Order or law of consecration was practiced by them during this time. His people experienced the rebuilding of cities, prosperity, miracles, peace, and happiness. Little else is known about his life. He died sometime after ca. A.D. 110 (see 4 Ne. 1:1-19).
MELVIN J. THORNE, Encyclopedia of Mormonism

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