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Zoram, Nephite Dissenter

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Three men named Zoram are noted in the Book of Mormon. The third Zoram was the leader of a group called Zoramites who separated themselves from the Nephites about 74 B.C. and apostatized from the established church. These Zoramites killed Korihor, the antiChrist (Alma 30:59). Alma, son of Alma led a missionary contingent among them to try to reclaim them from their apostasy and to prevent them from entering into an alliance with the Lamanites. While several of their poor were reconverted, the majority continued in their wicked ways (Alma 31:35), eventually joining the Lamanites and becoming antagonists to the Nephites. Some Zoramites served as Lamanite military commanders and even as kings (Alma 43:4-44;48:5; 3 Ne. 1:29).

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